Let us build the tools your company needs to grow and thrive. We take cloud automation to the next level. VMS leverages your business’ strengths to enhance productivity and achieve results  in less time while reducing risk and costs.


Let us take your business to the next level. We offer…



Our managed services offering combines real-world best practices, leading technologies, and 24/7 support options, providing you with top industry standard Quality of Service. While we can offer a multitude of different technologies, our specialty includes AWS, Google Cloud, Chef, HashiCorp, VMware, Veeam Backup, and Replication, support and configuration of Citrix products, Microsoft operating systems and applications, including hardware administration of HP, IBM, Dell blade systems and enterprise storage arrays (iSCSI, Fiber Channel SAN). 


Cloud & DevOps

Our team offers full support of Amazon Web Services infrastructure (EC2, VPC, ElastiCache, Elastic Beanstalk, RDS), Rackspace (Cloud Servers and Load Balancers), Digital Ocean droplets config and support, Windows Server Setup, MS Active Directory, MS Exchange, MS Sharepoint. For provisioning and configuration management, we use Chef and Terraform.




We provide a wide array of architecture enhancements, implementations, and support constructs. Our application stack experience includes, but not limited to Linux, PostgreSQL, Java, Jetty, Apache Tomcat, Nginx using Chef, Jenkins, Git. We also offer Compliance Automation services which allow quickly identify and remediate server infrastructure using Chef Automate platform.





We offer custom software development (Java, Spring Framework, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, RESTful APIs) and CRM customization (salesforce.com / Apex / visual force pages).

Let our team of experts handle the heavy lifting so you can focus what matters most. Let Us Create Solutions





At VMS Lab Inc. we understand that each client has a unique set of challenges to address. Our process allows each client to go over these challenges and find real solutions to help their business grow.


We understand every company need change and grow. When clients needs change this becomes difficult to maintain. That is why our priority at VMS is to offer our clients simple solutions to complex issues .



Discovery. Check what we do and what’s the most important check if it’s relevant to what you’re working on.


Scope. Joint strategy session to better understand your internal systems, processes, challenges, and environment. Essentially, we are listening to you and asking you questions to understand your business. 


Proposal. We provide you a flexible template based on our findings, capabilities and suggested deliverables. No obligations from your side.


Execution. We define a delivery plan based on jointly agreed upon the proposal and scoping efforts. You're provided a dedicated engagement lead and technical team ensuring project success.   


Review Results. Collaboratively review project upon completion.



We do understand that every company’s code base tends to grow, and when people come and go it may be very difficult to maintain. That’s why our goal is to give you and your business something what you can reuse in future in a very simple way.


Our clients

Our clients

Chigbu & Co is an American Tax Law firm with a team of attorneys specializing in cross-border transactions. (More.)

ChaseMetals.com is a leading independent retailer of gold and silver products, including bars, rounds, and coins.(More.)
OpenWater is an awards management software platform that automates and grows your award programs. (More.)

Eurobank – financial institution in Belarus. Success story for disaster recovery solution implemented by our company is available here – (More.)

BelinvestBank – one of the largest financial institutions in Belarus (More.)

Belavia – Belarusian Airlines – Belarusian Airlines takes the leading position in passenger air transportations on the Belarusian market. (More.)

BelVEB holds a leading position among commercial banks in Belarus in international settlements, foreign exchange transactions and foreign trade financing of state agencies and businesses. (More.)


"OpenWater needed Bring your own Device level IT management for its Washington, DC and Nationwide Remote Staff. Most of the tools out there for BYOD are built for large enterprises and the cutting edge stuff had no documentation. VMS Lab took the charge to research and find the best possible solution for us. Now when we have a new staff join, we can get them onboarded with all of their software (Office, Slack, Dialpad, etc) in just a few clicks. When they leave, our information is secured and we have peace of mind.

VMS Lab went above and beyond to teach us how to manage our IT in the cloud and keep our costs in check."

Kunal Johar






VMS Lab, Inc. In less than a decade we have been granted partner status with the companies listed below. Let us help you achieve greater benefits with our partners. Connect with us and let us find cloud automation solutions for your business.








The brainchild of CEO and founder, Dmitry Savinkov VMS Lab, Inc. began in Belarus in 2009 and has become one of the leaders in virtualization consulting there. Savinkov brought VMS Lab Inc., to the U.S. to share this passion with Silicon Valley and has been working in IT market since 2015. VMS Lab Inc., designs implements and supports enterprise infrastructure and systems. We integrate best practices by implementing disaster recovery and trusted solutions for data centers, for both private and public cloud providers.



VMS Lab Inc., CEO and Founder - Dmitry Savinkov has almost a decade of experience in Cloud Solutions software. His passion for software engineering and IT operations led him to create the company.  In 2009, after several years of working as a system/software engineer and dealing with a unique combination of hardware drives for every piece of storage including network  server hardware and virtualization, he realized the utilization of cloud automation was the solution for his daily IT challenges. This use of virtualization and cloud computing became the catalyst for the creation of VMS Lab.  Dmitry calls cloud computing “the tangible future of IT”  which is now a motto he applies to his everyday work.  VMS Lab Inc has allowed him to create an organization utilizing cutting edge tools, techniques and technologies enabling positive business impact and profitability for its customers.


When Dmitry is not working, he enjoys streaming Netflix, swim laps in the pool and read articles from Hacker News.


Dmitry states, “There is nothing greater than realizing how modern cloud technologies can drive business growth and agility. This is a fantastic journey in which I feel lucky to participate.”